Who am I and what is my experience?

Who am I and what is my story?

Having been initiated in a young age to external martial arts and even if this practice had taught me a lot during that time, I was still looking for a more internal approach, able to transcend physical brute force such as used in external martial arts and also capable to respond to questions beyond martial arts. I had the chance to meet in some strange circumstances a first practicing Tai Chi in 1999, the experience gained from  my previous external practice helped me understand obviously that his practice of the Art was far beyond the exotic early gymnastics dance that we can observed in parks. This was the beginning of a long journey, where I was introduced to his teacher after some time to learn the basic external techniques.

In 2014, after 15 years learning how to learn this art of incredible complexity and richness, the teacher of my previous teacher proposed me with some other students to return to teach Tai Chi in China where tradition was diluted and had almost completely disappeared. This shocking news for some, is obvious to those who know deeply the history of China in recent decades. This is how I began to teach, in the new big School of Shanghai (www.9clouds.ch). The second step was therefore to learn to explain an ancient art whose traditionally word are seldom use, silence is full of sense and every words of the teacher are kept as a treasure and can resonate for decades after*. Some archaic and contrast even more striking when you have to teach to a young generation from our “era of information”, used to have everything and know everything right away, who knows how to consume what they think they know, but do not know so well how to digest it. To transfer information from this tradition of subtle unspoken into the modern era of mass information, avoiding at best loss or distortion of essential information, involve the construction of a new bridge or new teaching system. Affordable methodical and scientific teaching for the greatest number of practitioners wishing to truly learn the art of Tai Chi.