What is the source of the teaching? Teachers and Masters?

Patrick A. Kelly

Master Ni Hua Ching

Master Huang Sheng Shyan



A teacher can be considered an example or a guide in a personal quest. This is also another point of view, just a student at a more advanced level who has himself a professor which he can learn from. It’s also a link in a long chain of knowledge without which this heritage would be lost. 子 (Zi) character refers to the concept of Master and of the wise is also synonymous with the word child / infant Chinese, because it has regained the physical and mental flexibility of a child and his natural desire to learn constantly. This is the paradox of the « old child »


The Chain of Masters who have perpetuated the Tai Chi Art goes back up to 700 years ago in China and probably beyond that through unknown Masters. It comes to our ages through some great Masters as Master Huang Sheng Shyan, Master Ni Hua Ching, Master Ma Yue Liang who have gone through that period of major change in China during those recent decades. The teaching method is based on the approach of Patrick A. Kelly who has collect this legacy through a scientific and methodical approach and the teaching of Master Ni Hua Ching who is a bridge between the genuine traditional teaching and modern approach with many books written (and available on amazon..).